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Invisalign® services offered in Bellevue, WA

Invisalign® clear aligners straighten your teeth and fix bite flaws discreetly and comfortably. At Newport Dental we provide Invisalign treatment plans to patients in Bellevue, Washington. Find out if Invisalign is right for you. Call today or use this website to request an appointment.

Invisalign® Q&A

What are Invisalign clear aligners?

Invisalign clear aligners are a customized alternative to braces. They straighten your teeth and correct bite problems to boost your self-esteem, make it easier to chew and clean your teeth, and reduce your risk of cavities. 

Invisalign aligners fit right over your teeth and gently coax them into the desired position. The aligners are highly versatile and treat alignment issues like crowded teeth, gaps, open bites, underbites, and overbites. 

How do Invisalign treatment plans work?

The Invisalign clear aligners gradually shift the alignment of your teeth. Each aligner differs slightly as you get closer to your smile goal. You change them out every week or two as your smile shifts.  

Invisalign aligners are made from a durable and flexible plastic material that fits snugly and comfortably over your teeth. 

Invisalign aligners are nearly invisible and easily removable for eating, brushing, flossing, or even special events. Because they have no metal brackets or wires, the aligners won’t irritate your mouth or gums. 

Who is a good candidate for Invisalign?

Invisalign aligners are appropriate for a number of smile concerns that are often treated with conventional metal braces. During your first visit, your Newport Dental provider performs a thorough evaluation to determine if Invisalign is right for you. 

If your provider finds issues like tooth decay or gum disease during your evaluation, you’ll need treatment before getting Invisalign. 

You then receive a customized treatment plan. The number of aligners and length of treatment depends on your smile. Invisalign treatment plans last anywhere from 12-22 months. 

How do I care for Invisalign aligners?

You wear the aligners for up to 22 hours a day, even while you sleep. Do take care of them with daily maintenance like gentle brushing, rinsing, and removing debris. You do remove your aligners to eat, but they can stain from foods like blueberries and pasta sauce, so it’s important to brush your teeth after every meal before you put the aligners back on.

Never use hot water to clean your aligners, as this can warp the plastic. Invisalign aligners are discreet, comfortable, and effective. They’re appropriate for both teens and adults and allow you to straighten your smile without disrupting your daily life. 

Call Newport Dental to set up an appointment and find out how Invisalign aligners can refine your smile. You can also use this website to request an appointment